Afternoons and Athletics

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We believe in the value and importance of exercise for its physical and emotional benefits.

The afternoon activities program offers a variety of ways for students to be active. All students participate in afternoon activities for a minimum of four afternoons per week for two seasons and two afternoons per week for the third.

  • Afternoon activities include team sports, meeting five days per week. Student-athletes train under individual regimens, at the discretion of the director of athletics. 
  • Co-ed recreational sports activities meet two days per week and include hiking, ultimate, mountain biking, alpine skiing and snowboarding, fitness and weight training, dance, ballet, jazz dance, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, yoga, snowshoeing, wilderness skills, and running and fitness. 
  • The afternoon work activities meeting two days per week and include farm work, woods crew, maintenance, carpentry, recycling, kitchen, drama tech, cider making, landscaping, gardening, and community service.

Winter Afternoons

We value exercise for its physical, psychological, and social benefits. Afternoons offer an amazing range of ways for students to be active: from team sports to dance class, from athletics to outdoor adventures.

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