year: Junior from: Vermont

Putney has taught me that I need to be a person who takes an active role in our world.

I’ve always been interested in geography and the geopolitical world. Putney has taught me that I need to be a person who takes an active role in our world. I’ve definitely become more active in my community, both at Putney but also in Brattleboro. I’ve attended town meetings and discovered more about the governmental process of a small town. I know I want to do something that focuses on how we relate to each other in the world and creating relationships in a certain way, whether that’s between countries, between individuals, or between groups of people. 

I like the field house because there’s this area with a bunch of couches and I get to hang out with people that I don’t see in my classes. You often end up just having conversations with people that you don’t necessarily know very well. I’m also on the soccer team in the fall and I have my locker there.

There’s a lot of activities that kind of lead us outside or into the woods. I’ve had friends who’ve been in the hiking afternoon activity and I’ve just gone with them. If it’s a really nice day in the fall or spring we’ll go outside and do yoga on the lawn. Sometimes, it’s just nice to curl up in the library by the fireplace and read a book. It’s a space that always makes me feel calm and settled, like everything is going to be okay if I’m in the library. I know I can do my work there peacefully. 

Ceramics is something I’ve really gotten deeply involved in. It’s one of those art forms that’s both artistic, but also practical. People talk about art that you interact with, and ceramics is naturally an interactive art exhibit because it has a purpose, which I think is really cool. For my evening activities I’ve been in the musical, so that’s something I’ve kind of committed myself to doing outside of my academic classes. Right now we’re doing “The Addams Family.”

I’m also in Spanish 3 this year and I never got to take language classes before coming to Putney. Being able to start at a basic level and learn less by reading from a textbook and more experientially was really helpful for me. Like, we’re going to watch this documentary that’s in Spanish and answer questions surrounding what actually happened.

When I first came to Putney the whole freshman class was basically one big group of friends. We didn’t necessarily grow apart, but you really develop these lifelong connections. Everyone is so welcoming so you know you’re going to find someone that is a soulmate basically. I have friends who I know are going to be my friends forever.

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